We all know what fear is: it’s an emotion one that brings anxiety ties up our belly makes our heart race can even make us feel so quite sick.  

It is the most basic human emotion, programmed into our nervous system and works like an instinct. From the day we are born we are equipped with this emotion as a protection as an instinct for survival. 

In fact when we are born with two fears. One of loud noises and the other of the fear of falling. 

Both of these are still fears I have not overcome. I dislike thunder, always have and my fear of falling is so strong, I cannot even watch people near the edge of a building, a cliff or on the TV at height. 

 All other fears are learnt fears through experience, or influence. 

But all fears are because we do not have control. worry and self-doubt and fear of the unknown. Fear makes us avoid things we want to do, as the fear is trapped within our minds as a way of.

keeping us safe. However, fear is also an illusion, which may result in missing opportunities. 

Whatever your fear, we need to evaluate it. If we dont, we just worry and cause more anxiety. Why not ask yourself…. Am I anticipating the future? Am I Doubting that I will be able to handle whatever happens next?  

Sometimes we just need to face our fears….. easier said than done!  

A big part of overthinking, worrying and negative thinking revolves around fear, fear of losing control, fear of making a mistake or failing, fear of making a decision. 

So, can we overcome our fears? 

Personally, I think we can, if we want to. 

 How then? How are we going to overcome our fears, I’m going to give you a few ideas…. 

  1. Acknowledge that the fear no matter how big or small is REAL – as I mentioned fear is a good emotion to have, it means that our human instincts are working properly, but not if it becomes an anxiety, or stops you, and you miss out on opportunities.  
  2. Accept your fear – Accept it and don’t ignore it, avoid or deny it, its there. 
  3. Break down the fear. 

Gain some perspective on the fear. 

Ask yourself 

What risk are you at? 

Can having this fear really hurt you? 

If your fear cam3 true, then what would happen? 

What are the best case and the worst case scenarios if this fear was right in front of you…right now?

This breaking down of fear though, can cause the fear to be worse, especially if your fear is the fear of falling, so maybe go and get help, go to counselling or hypnosis. I am next year. I want to trek the Himalayas so I must overcome my fear. 

Sometimes fears are irrational, these are known as phobias, the realest is Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, the most common phobia, is Acrophobia, fear of heights. 

Sometimes overthinking can cause new fears to evolve, if this happens ask yourself some more questions.

If your scenario happened (worst case) what could you do about it? 

Do you doubt your ability to cope with the situation?

If your scenario happened (best case) what could you do about it? 

Do you doubt your ability to cope with the situation?

The best way to overcome your fears are to face them and mindfully pay attention to them.  

Normally when fear sets in, its our thoughts to what we see that begins the emotional process, when this starts challenge your thoughts when they are negative and try and find positive thoughts, it fear and thoughts become overwhelming stop and try again another time. Each time you face your fear try and go a little bit further each time, don’t let the fear take control, you take control. They call this  

Exposure Therapy. 


This type of therapy is great for panic and mood disorders. 

In VIVO exposure – facing a fear of an object activity or situation, in a real life scenario, that may be if you fear public speaking, you would be advised to start off with a small group of people and then work your way up to a large assembly.  

Imaginable Exposure – this would be a guided visualisation with a trusted friend or counsellor.

Virtual Reality – this exposure is normally used when the other types of exposure are not helpful. You then experience the world of your fear, sights, sounds, smells and textures. 

The last type of exposure is. Interoceptive exposure where you bring out the physical sensations of the fear. For instance, a panic attack may bring on the feeling of being dizzy, to to stand a spin in circuses would exaggerate the physical feeling. The result of this is having a greater understanding that the physical effect is not as scary as you initially anticipated. 

All of these types of Therapies help you to overcome fear, rewiring your brain and giving you back control, your fear then becomes a distant memory. 

I have not tried these therapies, but I know I am,, ready to overcome my fears, are you? 

I going to leave you with this quote: 

When you become fearless…..your become limitless 


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