I was with a  member of my family last week and it was their mindset that made me want to talk about this subject, they said that whatever they did it would not make a difference it won’t change.   Because of this mindset, they had been in a lot of pain. 

What type of mindsets are there, and why are they important. 

Mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape our habits, what we think and what we do our mindset impacts us on how we make sense of the world and how we make sense of ourselves. 

It has a massive impact on everything we do, we say, or we want to achieve.  It plays a critical role on how to cope with everyday challenges. 

 So, why is mindset important? if you had a positive strong mindset, it would mean that you go out there, you grab it,  if your mindset isn’t positive you will think that nothing can be changed and that you are what you.  

It is essential to developing healthy self esteem, it’s important all as it affects our daily lives reinforcing our intimate beliefs, attitudes and feelings about ourselves. 

I’m going to talk to you about the two mindsets. There are two, like two sides of the brain.  A fixed mindset and growth mindset and I’m going to go through the traits of each.  Once I’ve gone through them I want you to think about which am you?  Looking and being more self-aware of what’s going on in your mind, you will decide whether it’s any good for you be in that mindset.   

Let’s look at fixed mindset first.   Fix mindset are people  who focus on proving themselves all the time,  unable to handle criticism and feedback and they won’t challenge themselves.  They will like to stay in a comfortable area because that makes them feel good, they are always seeking approval, they do not carry out any actions, they are resistance to change and they can be quite stuck in their ways and negative, that understanding of failure is a limitation of their ability. Perfectionists, sit in this remit of a fixed mindset. 

 Now lets look at the other mindset. Growth mindset, this is one that looks on life as a learning curve, you look at learning and receiving critical and constructive feedback ,you acknowledge other peoples accomplishments, you make the most of knowledge and research and look at your weaknesses and try to improve them, instead of seeking approval, you embrace change.  

I think, if I was to sum up fixed mindset I would say it would be someone saying I am what I am, I can’t possibly change, in a growth mindset I would have said you would be someone who says don’t know I’ve never tried, that but I’ll give it a go.  

How are you going to apply your mindset to everyday life? How do you want to change your mindset?  

let’s remember everything starts in the mind every dream every aspiration what you’re going to say next is all starts in the mind only becomes reality when it we make it an action after doing a bit of research I came across about 25 different ways of changing your mindset to make it better for you because this is about you isn’t it sharing your wisdom with others your experiences an improving and having the best quality of life that you can I’m not going to give you all 25 does that mean I’m reeling off for ages and ages what I’ve done is I’ve randomly picked 15 of those improvements only going to share five of them the rest of them you’ll find on my website under my block for mindset and you know what that isn’t just in case you don’t it’s www.sbbusinesssupport.com why you that have a look on the front page if you’re a business and you’re not quite sure whether you’re getting it right and you wanna be keeping out of gaol under corporate responsibility checkout my school card it’s seven questions takes 2 minutes maximum to worth giving it a go just to know that you’re safe like I said growth mindset not fix mindset these random 5 then I’m gonna pick for you for improvement replace the word failing with learning when we make a mistake or fall short of a goal we’ve learned celebrate growth with others if you truly appreciate growth you’ll want to share your progress with others actions not traits tell students an other people your friends and your family when you’re doing something smart not just being smart wow that’s profound isn’t it about this one redefined genius the mist has been busted genius requires hard work not talent alone few challenges as opportunities I think that is the biggest one having a growth mindset means you relishing opportunity for self improvement instead of thinking it’s too hard that you might fail if you try something new my biggest challenge for me in my life is heights stop I hope to go to Singapore later this year and I want to go to the midnight garden and when I do go I am going to walk from tree to tree and I’m not going to look down because I can do it and because I will learn from the experience and I think this is where I’ve probably set most of the time in a growth mindset I’m just going to give you one more and then I’m going to give you a book to read on mindset and I think you’ll find it quite interesting learn from other peoples mistakes it’s not always wise to compare yourself to others but it is important to realise that human beings share the same weaknesses embrace your weaknesses and make them into strengths there’s a lady out there very famous psychologist who studies human motivation she’s called Carol dweck she spends her days dying into why people succeed or why they don’t succeed as theory of the two mindsets are the different say make in the outcomes so the book I’m going to suggest you read is by carrot Wick a summary of growth and fixed mindsets going to leave you with this quote and remember share with me what mindset you type you are and whether you’ve made any improvements or whether you think what I’m saying is actually ally’s rubbish I need your feedback I need you to tell me what you want to talk about next what you want to share what you want me to help you with all of those things leave you with this changing our beliefs can have a powerful impact the growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning why waste time proving over and over again how great you are when you could be getting better that’s it folks see you again next week have a great week stay safe back at 11:00 o’clock on Saturday bye for now. 



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