Why do I do what I do? and What is it all for? 

Firstly, I wanted to justify the meaning of “Purpose” so I did a bit of research and came up the conclusion that “Purpose” is a reason for making an action, creating a cause with an intension, aim and plan. 

That lead me to really think about my purpose.  As a human being, a woman, a mother, friend,  business woman, colleague.  What is my real purpose and why do I do what I do? 

I am starting with…. 

Human Being-  well in truth I didn’t have a choice that was down to my parents and the universal powers that place us on the planet at a specific time for a specific time, none of which I have any control over.  My purpose as a Human being is to live, survive, be kind, respectful, use all of my six senses and keep healthy and happy and be grateful. 

A woman – that too I didn’t have control of, I was born as a female, girl then became a woman, as many do and I have remained as a woman as many do and many don’t.  That is a choice.  My purpose as a woman is not to the best, the most powerful, the most famous its to be ENOUGH. 

Enough to give to others, my children my family my friends and my business associates.  Through my purpose of being a woman, my purpose is to give to others, learn from my experience, courage, strength, incite, knowledge, help, love, kindness, respect, and support and from all these things I take gratitude, happiness, and pleasure. 

A mother – that was my choice, the best choice in my life and I am forever grateful for my children, they make my life a purpose as everything I do, say, feel, touch, taste or hear will be experienced in some way by my children directly or indirectly. 

A friend – To support them, chat share, enjoy their company, be honest, and always be there when they need you. 

All of what my purpose is as a friend – to my “Foes” it will only serve a purpose in a negative way.  But we cant like and get on with everyone, so we need to accept we are Enough to all those who want to be part of our purpose in life and those who don’t – is their choice. 

Everyone talks about purpose, what we’re doing every day and why we’re doing it I’ve question myself with my business what am I doingWhat gets me up every day? I came up my answer  that is truthful. 

Business Woman – is to run my business and make a profit. To do the very best I can do for all my customers.   

 I have spent most my life organising and supporting others when the Poo hits the fan people knock on my door they call me up not necessarily saying help me but the conversation always seems to sway to I need help. 

Having spent the last 10 years working for many different businesses in many different industries and environments I was just about sick of being made redundant 7 times. 

Or moving jobs to chase me a better option which never happened. I’m sure we’ve all been there but 7 times that was enough for me.  

Its what I’m brilliant at, that what my customers say, they come back to me I’m not interested in being big and famous I’m interested in having a good life 

How do I do that. I do that with honesty and integrity I make a difference I do the work I come in and help you and I support you through the business I don’t come in pull your business apart, judge it and then leave you with a pile of work to do which you actually never have time to do and get round to, I’m always there I’m dependable I’m knowledgeable and the very best at what I do. 

 My biggest challenge is people trusting me and the only way you can learn to trust me is to call me is to listen to me is to read my client recommendations on my website. I have no need to compare myself with anyone else because there is no one else out there that is like my business. No one is me I’m the greatest support for small businesses and I help my customers to become the greatest they can be. 

Consistently working towards what I am destined 

Its not what you. do, it’s the way that you do it. 

That’s my purpose  whats yours?? 


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