The Power Of No

Sarah Black

Sarah Black

THE POWER of NO in the garden Saturday’s so we’re gonna be talking about the power of no strange subject I don’t think we really think about but we wish we could say no a little bit more often so do you catch up with yourself sometimes and realise it actually say yes far too often I know I do get me wrong I always try and help support others but sometimes yes I just say too often instead I end up with no time chasing my tail less sleep and they come for my family everyone else is OK then because I’m helping them out but I wasn’t happy I had scheduled myself without this for others and forgot about me being anxious and worried about your future will not achieve your current goals I’m looking for the power of no is really important to be able to have a happier and healthier life look at it this way you can control your breathing with practise so you can control your brain with practise practise doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent so say no to your brain your thoughts create every moment everyday week month for year of your life each time a thought comes in your mind that doesn’t make you feel good ask yourself is it useful if it is not you don’t need it just say no to who you think you are allows you to surrender to the road ahead no one is there to be impressed or to stop you only yourself say no to negative thoughts fortunately we live in a world where the world makes us what we call yes people or yes pleases is why we struggle so much to say no society has brought us to believe that they’re trying to improve things we get that but you don’t always have to go along with what they’re saying or what they’re suggesting they can say no specially if it doesn’t fit into our lifestyle our ethics and our morals we have a choice go through a few things that I think make people realise why is so hard to say no we fill with me want to say no but we can’t we feel guilty we don’t wanna upset that other person to fairies within yourself faster will you be rejected it might be even being perceived as being a weakness and it’s the opposite to what is expected of us to say expectation is always to say yes fair within yourself also because sometimes we felt chess is actually easier and we say yes but sometimes we don’t take a few seconds back and we don’t realise the commitment we just got ourselves into so say no or just pausing for a while before you make a conscious decision it’s far better option for you saying no produces nice pressure less stress less anxiety gives you more time more time with your family elections value yourself more and yes believe it or not you are respected by others saying that is also enough don’t have to go into full explanation as to why you’re saying no if you say no then that’s it it’s no you don’t have to explain yourself so I’ve come up when I have learned to say no I started to look at my life a little bit differently I felt really empowered and I felt more in control of my life in general I have more time to do the things I want to do the things I should be doing add something make me happy try it give it a go South three goals this week to say no just three times and see how that makes you feel this week speak again next week Saturday 11:00 AM see you then have a good time bye. 


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