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Woodland Wisdom has been created for you to gather all you need to perform business development training, foraging information to help you within your business in a fun, gameful way.

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While we nurture the roots, cultivating your business with the necessary support throughout your entire journey, you are free to branch out and grow

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A Gamers Mindset?

Having a gamer’s mindset or attitude. Like playful, but more oriented toward achieving goals, trying out different strategies, and taking on new challenges brings new methods to business growth. Doing things, the same way, produces the same results. So, why not try something different?

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Created by the Owner of S B Business Support. Woodland Wisdom gives you a trading post for Business Support tips, tricks, information, team building games and more to engage your staff and enhance your training resources, to encourage you and your staff on your journey of development and growth.
• Tips, Tricks, and Information
• Business Solution ideas
• Team Building Games and ideas
• Merchandising ideas

Woodland Wisdom Card Pack Regular price £12.95 GBP

“Woodland Wisdom” have designed and created Wolf Bites and Busters to provide you with business solutions and awareness when you get bitten. 50 Solutions at your fingertips, to heal the wounds and make your journey safer, keeping the wolves from your door. On the front of each card you have the wolf bite and on the reverse, solutions and awareness. The wolf bites are in alphabetical order. If you have a bite! That does not appear within the deck, we would really love to hear from you.